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“God sends its most beloved people to Knidos (Datca) to have long lives.

Strabon (BC 56 – AC 21)

The Datca peninsula, located on the southeast of the Turkey’s Mugla city and between the Gokova gulf and Hisaronu gulf, is famous for its heavenly nature, peerlessly blue sea, exceptionally clean air and delicious local tastes.


In Datca the sun shines almost every day of the year. The environment is perfect for sight-seeing, hiking, windsurfing, diving, sailing, fishing, and photo shooting. Bays and evergreen villages are like paradise. The Cnidus antique city, where Aphrodite used to swim, connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Aegean Sea. The Old Datca town dates back to the Early Hellenistic Age with its stone houses surrounded by flowers.

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